Personal data archive

Yandex lets you download an archive of your personal data currently stored by Yandex services. You can see the full list of services and create your archive on the User data archive page.

To create an archive for your account:

  1. Open the User data archive page and make sure you are signed in to the service under the desired Yandex account.

  2. Select Create archive. Yandex sends an email to your primary email address to notify you that the process started.

  3. Once it's finished, Yandex notifies you that you can download the archive.

  4. Download the archive using the link from the email.

To unpack it, you'll need a password. To find it, go to the User data archive page and select Show password.

On Windows or Linux OS, you can unpack your archive using a preinstalled archiver. For macOS, you need to install a 7-ZIP archiver, such as The Unarchiver.

Data from each service is located in the corresponding folder inside the archive. The data format depends on the service, but only XML, JSON, and CSV formats are used.

Questions and answers

The archive is still not available for download

It usually takes some time to create an archive. If the archive is not available for download 2 days after you requested it, contact support.

I can't open some files in the archive

Try downloading the data again: open the User data archive page and select Create new archive.

Some data is missing from the archive

Some services might not store your personal data or may set a limit on the data storage period. That's why some of the data you expect to see in the archive might be missing.